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Reduce customer churn rate

Customers won't leave you for your competitors so as not to lose collected points and discounts

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Multiply repeat purchases

Customers will visit you more frequently if you offer them rewards or cumulative quantity discount

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Increase average bill value

Customers are more likely to order additional services by reducing the amount of the main purchase

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Acquire new customers

It’s profitable for your customers to recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances

UDS features



Mobile application

UDS is a free mobile app for your customers. It has been downloaded more than 8 000 000 times.

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Loyalty program

Discounts affect business profitability, but loyalty program participants willingly collect points and recommend your business 70% more often.

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Customers receive points for recommending your company to their friends, as well as for each of their purchase and purchases of their friends.

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Online orders

It is a great alternative to the online store. Customers can make orders directly from the app. Payment terminal is not needed.

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UDS automates maintenance of the customer base. It allows getting to know your customers better – who they are, how frequently they make purchases and recommend companies to their friends.

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Communicate with customers, congratulate them on special occasions – this directly affects the retention rate, allows you to improve the service quality and increase customer loyalty.

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Customer communications

UDS maintains a customer base automatically, and you will get to know your customers better – who they are, how often they make purchases and recommend your business

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Integration compatibility

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