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Implementing the loyalty program, helping entrepreneurs retain and attract new customers.

Customer relationship management

Customer base

When customers join the loyalty program, they automatically appear in the customer base. The digitized customer base allows analysing and segmenting your customers, monitoring their preferences and engagement in your business. The customer database is at your disposal, you can always download it as an Excel file.


Segment your base to identify specific groups of customers using filters by gender, age, number of transactions, etc.

Tags and segmentation

Segmentation is used to break down the customer base and single out individual groups based on different criteria for further evaluation and management. The customer base is segmented by assigning one or more tags to customers and removing them if needed.


The statistics section displays the dynamics of all important metrics of your business.

RFM analysis

Your customer base is divided into groups in order to understand which of the customers buy often and a lot, who buy often, but not that frequently, and who have not bought anything for a long time.

Encouragement of repeat purchases

Loyalty program

Loyalty program is the main add-on of the UDS ecosystem for motivating and rewarding regular customers, which is based on the provision of discounts or rewards for purchases in the company.

Push notifications

With push notifications, all customers will instantly know about your special deals and news. You will save your funds on SMS and email newsletters and create the image of a relevant and advanced company. Unlike SMS, push notifications are free and they look more informative and attractive.

Automatic distribution of certificates to customers who have not purchased anything for a long time

Set up automatic certificates distribution for customers who have not made purchases in a while to motivate them to come back to you.

Automatic distribution of birthday certificates or points

Wish your customers a happy birthday and reward them with points or certificates. Set up automatic distribution of birthday certificates or points and your customers will be notified by a push notification.

Certificate distribution via link

Do you have a customer base on social networks and messengers? Send or publish a certificate link to quickly bring your customers back.

Distribution of certificates by customer base segments

Certificates motivate customers to make repeat purchases. Choose who to send certificates to by analysing customer behaviour in your personal account. Certificates allow leaving behind paper alternatives which makes it possible to optimise and automate the process and reduce its cost.

Churn management

Rating and reviews

Now you will always know the opinion of each customer on your company and the service after each purchase in UDS. The review contains information on when and where the customer made the purchase. Such reviews are non-public, only the owner or manager can see them. Contact the customer, thank them for their feedback, and offer a gift to smooth over the bad experience and win the customer back.


If your customers don't like something, they can always leave a complaint or suggestion in the UDS App or even by scanning a QR code. Keep an eye on such reviews, these are growth points for your product and service. To ensure you don't miss important feedback, you'll receive a push notification whenever there's a new review.

Feedback QR code

The feedback works effectively when it is convenient to leave it. For example, placing a QR code in your company will allow customers to leave more feedback and it will help improve the quality of service.

RFM segments

Using RFM segments, identify a group of customers that are at risk of churn. Manage communication with each group separately: send special offers to a group of regular customers, and give motivating discounts to users who have not bought anything for a while.

Customer acquisition

Referral program

It allows customers to recommend your business to their friends and earn points for effective referrals. Motivate customers to refer others with UDS and your business will grow faster. Reward them with points, hold competitions for the largest number of referrals and track statistics.

Cross marketing

Do you know an entrepreneur who has a similar target audience, but is not your competitor? Agree on mutual distribution of certificates: every time customers of this company make a purchase, they will receive your certificate.

Mobile app

Your company will be automatically displayed in the UDS App which is used by 4.5 million people per month. A great opportunity to attract new customers!


There are several sections for placing your ad in the app: a slider, stories and an “Attention” compilation. Choose any of them, submit a request and your company will be shown to up to 4.5 million regular users of the app.

Certificate distribution by QR code

Print a QR code with certificates on your promo materials. This is a great opportunity not only to give a valuable offer to customers, but also to stay in their smartphones. When the certificate expires soon, the customer will receive a push notification.

Extra tools for profit boost

Certificate distribution for the purchase

Do you want to increase your average bill? Set your UDS up so that for purchases above a threshold amount, the customer will receive a certificate for the next purchase.

Online menu

Add your products to the price list, generate a QR code and give your customers access to your customer's beautifully designed menu.

Online store

An out-of-box solution for online sales with a built-in online payment add-on and order statuses — all the most important and necessary features. A ready-made online store: customers can choose a product from your range and order it. To manage your orders, monitor them and change statuses directly in your personal account.

Promo website

An individual website on the UDS subdomain is automatically created for every business. There is no need to create a website — it will contain all the same information displayed in the UDS App.

Apple Wallet and Google Pay loyalty cards

Your loyalty cards can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Pay. This will allow users to choose the most convenient way for them to use your loyalty program.

Employees engagement

The employees engagement add-on is meant for employees management. The main features are account settings, employees motivation, performance data collection and statistics.

Employee performance report

The employee performance report is created to monitor the performance of your cashiers within a calendar month. Each month the report resets and is being updated until the end of the month. The data is collected in real time. You can view the data for previous months by selecting them in the drop-down list.

Traffic sources

The traffic sources add-on is a great tool to track where your customer flow comes from, analyse the effectiveness of this channel and reduce marketing costs.

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